Our Vision

To tell the stories that help our customers build the armies of ambassadors and friends that will help grow their business.

Our Mission

To create relevant and engaging videos that help our customers sell more.

Our Values

These values define who BlueSky Video Marketing is. What BlueSky Video Marketing stands for. How the people at BlueSky Video Marketing behave, act and communicate.

These are the core values that inform every decision we make. That influence every conversation we have. By which we decide on the most appropriate action to take.

We live our values every day.

We support our colleagues, our customers and the communities we inhabit.

Support. Collaborate. Deliver.

Who we are

We are humble.

We are punctual.

We are honest.

We are consistent.

We are not moody.

We are hungry to learn.

We are always willing to take on new challenges.

We embrace the unknown and see the opportunity it presents.

We are passionate about the power of video.

We actively pursue imperfection.

We don't lose - we learn.

We don't accept a culture of blame.

We take responsibility for our individual actions.

We say sorry when we get it wrong.

We say thank you when we get it right.

We respect the English language.

We always aim to be better today than we were yesterday.

We believe that great marketing is the primary driver for business growth.

We are outrageously optimistic at all times.

We love what we do.

We all have families - and they always come first.

We are ambitious.

We are realistic.

We are pragmatic.

We are true to ourselves - no masks allowed.

We believe in urgency.

We are focused on the outcomes of our work & our actions.

We are loyal.

We believe in fairness & transparency.

We understand that you earn respect - you are not entitled to it.

We are kind & compassionate.

How we behave with our colleagues and customers

We always challenge the common way - and ask is there a new way.

We believe that everyone's opinion is valuable.

We respect the contribution that every business function makes - equally.

We respect each and every individual we meet.

We do not hide behind email.

We accept that emailing someone does not constitute ‘telling’ them.

We collaborate on every job to produce the best possible result.

We respect our workspace just as much as we respect our home space.

We understand that it's never about the technology - and always about the story.

We always start with the customer and work back.

We are clear about our objectives and are all working in the same direction.

We give each other the autonomy to keep growing & getting better in our chosen field.

We support the development & growth of new talent.

We are proud of the work we do.

We are confident in our capability.

We are an eternally useful resource for our customers.

We understand our customers’ business intimately.

We believe in the power and importance of words.

We tell engaging & powerful stories to help build communities.

We understand that nothing exists in isolation.

We ask lots of questions.

We choose the best way - not the easiest way.

We choose the right way - not the quickest way.

How we give something back

We use our experience & expertise to give something back.

We believe in the power of collective responsibility.

We understand our responsibility to the world around us.

We know that small acts of kindness can have a big impact.