Our Vision

To tell the stories that help our customers build the armies of ambassadors and friends that will help grow their business.

Our Mission

To create relevant and engaging videos that help our customers sell more and recruit great people.

Our Values

These values define who BlueSky Video Marketing is. What BlueSky Video Marketing stands for. How the people at BlueSky Video Marketing behave, act and communicate.

These are the core values that inform every decision we make. That influence every conversation we have. By which we decide on the most appropriate action to take.

  1. Believe in Better
  2. Trust yourself
  3. Learn every day
  4. No passengers


BlueSky Video Marketing Values


Believe in Better

There is always a better way - no matter how well we've done there's a way to make it better next time. What is it?

Trust yourself

You're great at what you do. That's why you're here. Be brave. Take chances. Try new things. That's when the really great stuff happens.

Learn every day

Be confident in who you are and what you do - but know that we are all learning every day. Accept feedback graciously and with the goodwill with which it is given.

No passengers

We all MUST contribute to forward motion. If you're not driving us forward then you're holding us back.

We're a relatively new company - but we've got big plans for the next few years and we want ambitious, driven people who are passionate about the ability of great video marketing to transform business performance.