Testimonial Videos

Decision Time testimonial video: Novosco

This video involved interviewing Novosco, a client of a Decision Time and a user of their meetings management software platform.

The video explains the problem that the Decision Time system addressed for Novosco and the efficiencies that Novosco have enjoyed since introducing the system.

We interviewed three members of the Novosco team at their offices and asked them about their experience before the Decision Time system was introduced and how it has made their lives easier since introduction.

Corechex - Paperless Inspection App

This video was created for Corechex and features Emma Begley, General Manager as well as 3 Corechex customers talking about their experience using the app.

The video features Springwell Construction, Ashview Consultants and Recon Waste Management.

Bronze Leaf Tanning - working with BlueSky Video Marketing

We are very lucky to work with Bronze Leaf Tanning and after we created a promotional video for their product, Karen Walker agreed to appear on this testimonial video for us to explain how the process worked.

The Future of Marketing: Part 1

This video features testimonials from attendees at The Future of Marketing: Part 1 in May 2018