Social Media Videos

The Future of Marketing: Part 3 - Meet the speakers

This was part of a series of short animated videos created to introduce the speakers at The Future of Marketing; Part 3.

The video was created for use on social media in the lead up to the event to drive ticket sales.

This video, and the others in the series use high resolution photography in combination with a range of animation elements to create something more dynamic and engaging than static images showing the details of the speakers at the event.

Kenwell Engineering - Meet the team: Damian Meenagh

This video was created for use on social media by Kenwell Engineering - and that's why it includes the subtitles.

With around 85% of people watching videos on social media with the sound off it is essential that your social media videos include subtitles if you are to get real results from your video marketing efforts.

Bronze Leaf Tanning - working with BlueSky Video Marketing

We are lucky to work with Bronze Leaf Tanning and after we completed a promotional video for their product, Karen Walker kindly agreed to appear on this testimonial video which we then used on social media to promote the work we had done.

BlueSky Video Marketing: 1st Birthday Video

We created this video on our 1st Birthday to showcase some of the work we had done in the first 12 months of being in business.

The video was used across social media as an engagement and lead generation tool.