Social Media Videos

Decision Time testimonial video: Novosco

This video involved interviewing Novosco, a client of a Decision Time and a user of their meetings management software platform.

The video explains the problem that the Decision Time system addressed for Novosco and the efficiencies that Novosco have enjoyed since introducing the system.

The video is created in square format with subtitles to make it suitable for use on social media.

Corechex - Paperless Inspection App

We created this short 30 second version of a longer testimonial video to allow for promotion of the content across various social channels.

The social media activity directed visitors to a landing page where they could view the full version of the video which features 3 customers testimonials as well as Emma Begley, General Manager of Corechex, talking in detail about their approach to building and developing the app.

CIM Ireland Awards 2018

This event was created specifically for use on social media during the application period for the 2018 Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards (Ireland)

The Jule Beauty Academy

Jule Beauty has 5 salons in and around Dublin and The Jule Beauty Academy offers training programmes to develop a pipeline of new talent for the salons.

We created this video for the Jule Beauty Academy to help promote their latest training course and this was used extensively on social media as a recruitment tool for the training course.