Social Media Videos

Donaghy Bros - FREE Delivery

This was one of a series of videos we made with Donaghy Bros - a subscriber to our Video As A Service product - to help promote their business in 2021.

This video focuses on their free delivery service and wa used across social media channels as well as being part of targeted social media advertising campaigns to increase awareness and sales in the GB and Republic of Ireland markets.

Morelli's - Summer 2021 promotions

This was one of a series of short videos that we created for Morelli's in the summer of 2021 for use across social media channels.

Downey House School - A Virtual Tour

This was a video we created for Methodist College Belfast to showcase one of the Preparatory Scholls, Downey House.

The video was used on social media channels to give viewers a look inside the school and its facilities.

Facebook Ad campaign video

We created this video to be used as part of a social media advertising campaign to promote our services in September 2020.