Recruitment Videos - The benefits

This video was created as part of a series of videos for which featured interviews with potential job seekers outlining their frustrations with the current recruitment process and how they felt the new online recruitment platform helped to solve them.

Be a part of the Kenwell Academy

Kenwell Engineering created this video to promote the training and personal development opportunities that they offer current and potential employees.

The video was to be used on the Kenwell Engineering website as well as across social media channels when the company was involved in a recruitment drive.

Kenwell Engineering - Meet the team: Damian Meenagh

This video was part of a series created for Kenwell Engineering which aimed to profile several members of the team as they embarked on another recruitment drive.

The aim of the series was to show potential recruits the people that they would be working with - allowing them to make the human connections that will help to attract the right people for the job positions being promoted at the time.

The Jule Beauty Academy

This video was created by Jule Beauty Academy to promote a new training course starting in September 2018 for people wishing to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

The video features Managing Director of the Jule Beauty Group, Julie Wallace and was used on the Jule Beauty Academy website as well as being used as part of a targeted Facebook advertising campaign to drive registrations from new students.