Recruitment Videos

Interview People Online: Part 1

This was created for Interview People Online to showcase their product and highlight the problem that it solves for those directly involved in the recruitment of new people.

The Interview People Online platform allows users to conduct 1st stage interviews through their online platform - eliminating applications from candidates who are not genuinely interested in your position as well as facilitating a much quicker process as a result of not having to coordinate multiple diaries and conduct telephone screening interviews.

Interview People Online: Part 2

This was the second video in a 2 part series for Interview People Online which outlines the pain points that their online interview platform solves for anyone involved in the recruitment of new people to an organisation.

The video was intended for use on the Interview People Online website as well as their selected social channels and as part of retargeting campaigns in Google Ads. - The Recruitment challenge

This video features interviews witrh potential job seekers about the challenges that the current recruitment process poses when looking for a new job. This was part of a series created for - Attracting the right people

This video was created for and features potential job seekers talking about their frsutrations with the current recruitment process when looking for the right job role to apply for.