Recruitment Videos - Attracting the right people

This video was created for and features potential job seekers talking about their frsutrations with the current recruitment process when looking for the right job role to apply for. - The Recruitment challenge

This video features interviews witrh potential job seekers about the challenges that the current recruitment process poses when looking for a new job. This was part of a series created for - The benefits

This video was created as part of a series of videos for which featured interviews with potential job seekers outlining their frustrations with the current recruitment process and how they felt the new online recruitment platform helped to solve them.

Become an interpreter with Diversity NI

This video was created for Diversity NI to promote a training programme that they offer in Northern Ireland to help people begin a career as an interpreter. This is part of a package that we delivered for Diversity NI and you can view the other videos on their Vimeo Showcase Page.