Promotional Videos

Meet the Human Beans - Clare Galloway of Magic Beans

Clare is one of the Co-Founders of Magic Beans - a subscription based accountancy service for SME's.

This profile video was created as part of a package to introduce the members of the Magic Beans team to potential customers and allow them to build trust and credibility with their audience while also allowing their personality to shine through.

Computer Science at Ulster University, Magee Campus

This video features Colum Ferry who graduated from the Computer Science degree at Ulster University in July 2019 talking about his experience of the course.

The video was created as part of a package for the School of Computing, Engineering and Intelligent Systems in Summer 2019 to help promote the faculty and its courses to potential students. This was part of a strategy by the school to significantly increase undergraduate numbers over the next few years.

Downstream Beer

This video was created for Ireland Craft Beers to celebrate the listing of their Downstream Hybrid IPL in Marks & Spencer stores across Ireland and the UK.

The video features on a landing page that is visited by people who scan a QR code on the beer can. 

Downstream is the world's first Blockchain beer providing full traceability of all ingredients used and the brewing and packaging process.

Meet the Human Beans - Eoin Brown of Magic Beans

Eoin is one of the team at Magic Beans - a subscription based accountancy service for SME's - and in this video he talks about his role and when Magic Beans customers can expect to hear from him.

This was part of a package of team profile videos for use on the Magic Beans website.