Event Videos

CIM Ireland Awards 2018: Opening Video

This video was created for the 2018 Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards which took place in Titanic, Belfast on 9th November 2018.

CIM Ireland Awards 2018 Sponsorship Video

BlueSky Video Marketing are sponsoring the Marketing in Construction, Engineering & other Manufacturing sectors award at the 2018 CIM Ireland Marketing Awards and this video was created to promote our involvement with the awards.

CIM Ireland Awards 2018

This video was created for the Chartered Institute of Marketing to promote the launch of the 2018 CIM Ireland Marketing Awards.

The video was used at the launch event in Titanic Hotel, Belfast and then subsequently across social media channels while the awards were open for application.

Circular Driven Economy 2018 - Meet the speakers

Professor Marios Soutsos of Queen's University, Belfast was one of the speakers at the Circular Driven Economy Symposium which took place in London on 18th and 19th September 2018.

This video was used by the organisers in the lead up to the event to help promote the content of the presentations and drive ticket sales for the event.

The event itself had over 100 delegates from Ireland, UK, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, India and the USA.