We hope you enjoy browsing through our video project portfolio.

If you're wondering where the video showreel is - there isn't one.

A video showreel is a collection of lovely video shots knitted together - but there's no context.

And video marketing is about much more than beautifully shot footage.

Successful video marketing means making people want to buy what you're selling - and that's what we do.

On this page you'll find examples of our previous projects with added context - so you can understand a little about what our customers were trying to achieve.


Event Videos

Machinery Movers TV - Epiroc Product launch Part 1

This video was the first of 2 produced for Machinery Movers TV at an event hosted at Hudson Bros quarry in Blessington, County Wicklow. The video was intended for use after the event to amplify the return on investment from the event by highlighting to those who could not attend what was happening on the day. This included information about a rebrand for Atlas Copco in the UK and Ireland in 2018 and details of a number of product launches.

The video was intended for use on the Machinery Movers website as well as on Youtube and social media channels such as Facebook and Linkedin where Machinery Movers already have an active community.

CDE brand launch event, 2017

I was involved in a rebrand project for CDE and this video was created for use as the opening sequence at the event. 

The aim was to grab the attention of the gathered audience and outline the context surrounding the new brand project before presentation of the new brand identity for 5 new sectoral brands.

Denroy Plastics - Aerospace & Defence sector video

This video was created to allow Denroy Plastics to showcase their work in the Aerospace & Defence sectors at a number of trade shows planned for 2018.

The video will be used on large screens at these trade shows and focuses on the work Denroy has already done in these sectors, including details of some of the high profile clients that they already work with in this area.

The video uses a combination of stock footage and footage shot at the Denroy Plastics factory in Bangor, Northern Ireland. There is also some use of motion graphics and title animations.


Digital DNA, Belfast

Digital DNA is one of the most well respected conferences for the digital sector in Ireland and beyond.

In the lead up to the 2017 conference I made this video for them showing off some of the footage from the 2016 event and giving those who had yet to buy tickets another reason why they shouldn't miss the conference.

The video was used by Digital DNA to promote the event to those who had not yet bought tickets and was promoted on social media.

Balmoral Golf Club - Open Week 2017

This video was created for Balmoral Golf Club in Belfast to help them promote 2017 Open Week. Over the course of 1 week in June the club runs 8 open competitions where members of the club and visitors can compete. 

This is great opportunity for the club to get new people to play the course - and hopefully create more interest in becoming a member of the cub in the future. The video is used in the club to promote open week to existing members and is also used on social media to try and attract a wider audience.


Promotional Videos

Case Study video for Machinery Movers magazine

This video was for Machinery Movers magazine to work in partnership with the case study appearing in their magazine. The video case study is used on their website and social media channels to help build an audience online in addition to their existing magazine audience.

The video was filmed on site at Magheradunbar Quarry in Enniskillen - operated by RJ Mitten & Sons.

Future of Marketing Part 1, Belfast 2018

This video was created to promote the first of the Future of Marketing events in Belfast during 2018. The video was created in advance of the main video launch of the event to start to build interest and was intended for use on the event website as well as on social media to drive people to the ticket sales page on Get Invited.

Short videos like this can work well to generate more interest on social media as you can say a lot more than you are able to say in a static image while also delivering moving content that is more likely to get people to stop as they scroll through their news feeds.

31Interactive - Digital Agency, Belfast

31Interactive is one of the most experienced website and digital agencies in Northern Ireland having been operating in the sector since the late 1990's. They wanted a video to highlight the experience of their team and also promote some of the services they offer  outside of website design.

BlueSky Video - 60 second pitch

A good 60 second pitch is an essential marketing tool for any business - and video is a great way to give it more impact and ensure it can be used across social media and in your direct contact with customers to increase the number of new opportunities coming your way.

A good 60 second pitch takes time to construct - and that's where we can help. We'll not only help you build the pitch to ensure it includes the essential content to get you that enquiry but will then work with you to develop the pitch into a video format for maximum impact.

If you're thinking of using more video in your marketing efforts but aren't sure where to start - we'd suggest here is as good a place as any. It will prove how video can work for your business and be the catalyst for the development of more new video ideas.

Explainer Videos

What does 1080 stand for?

1080 is a commercial interiors company based in Belfast with clients all over the world. There's an interesting story behind how their name came about and we created this simple motion graphic for them to use on their website, social channels and in direct consultations with customers to tell this story in a simple and engaging way.

CDE - How does a filter press work?

CDE is the Cookstown based manufacturer of materials washing and classification equipment for the global quarrying, mining and recycling industries. 

The filter press is one of the company's products - but as it is a relatively new concept for the industry their customers didn't really understand the technology and this was a big barrier to selling more machines.

As a result we made this explainer video to de-mystify the technology and help to remove one of the major barriers to the next sale.

Testimonial Videos

Why should I go to Digital DNA?

Digital DNA is one of the premier digital sector conferences in Ireland and the UK.

In advance of the 2017 event I worked with the team to create a number of testimonial videos from previous delgates at the event highlighting the benefits of attending the event. The aim of these videos was to boost ticket sales in the weeks leading up to the event.

Haldane Fisher testimonial for New Direction

New Direction supply a ramge of signage and graphics to Haldane Fisher - one of the largest independent builders merchants in Ireland and the UK. In this video Marketing Director, Stephen Rooney, outlines his reasons for continuing to work with Stephen and the team at New Direction in Lisburn.

31Interactive - customer testimonials

I interviewed 2 clients of 31Interactive - Edwards & Co and Outdooor Recreation NI - to create this testimonial video for the 31interactive website.

New Direction - signage & graphics company

New Direction are a signage and graphics company based in Lisburn and made a number of testimonial videos with long standing clients to promote their services to website visitors.

Recruitment Videos


CDE is one of the world's largest providers of wet processing equipment for quarries, mines and recycling companies across the world.

In recent years the company has grown significantly and this required a specific recruitment marketing focus to raise the company's profile among potential recruits in Northern Ireland and across the world.

This project involved speaking to current CDE people and finding out what it was about the company that made it such a great place to work.

The video was a great success - and those interviewing candidates for new positions found that rather than quoting the 'About Us' page on the website, interviewees would most often refer to statements used in this video to highlight why they wanted to come and work for CDE.

Social Media Videos

Machinery Movers TV - Epiroc product launch Part 2

This was the 2nd of 2 videos produced for Machinery Movers TV focusing on a rebrand for Atlas Copco in the UK and Ireland as revealed at an event at Hudson Bros quarry in Blessington, County Wicklow in December 2018.

The video was intended for use across Facebook and Linkedin where Machinery Movers already have an active community. The video was accompanied by an audience acquisition strategy for each network to allow Machinery Movers to maximise the audience for this video and the first one in the series.

Work in progress at the new CDE HQ

This video was created for use on social media by CDE as the 2018 Graduate Recruitment Drive kicked off in October 2017. Having attended the recruitment fairs at Queen's University Belfast and Ulster University the video was intended to show visitors to the company's Facebook and Linkedin feeds how work was progresing with the construction of their fantastic new offices which are scheduled to be completed in December 2018.

Machinery Movers magazine - video for Facebook

I produced this video for Machinery Movers magazine for use on Facebook to promote the full case study video (featured above) and help to build an online audience for their content in addition to the magazine audience which they have developed over several years.

Balmoral Golf Cub promo video for Twitter

To promote Open Week to the Irish golf audience on Twitter I produced several versions of the same video - this version was designed to come in under the 30 second mark to ensure that it played automatically when it was shown on people's news feeds. This greatly increases the number of views that the video gets and increases the chance of success in spreading the word about Balmoral Golf Club's Open Week.

CDE - recruitment

CDE has recruited extensively in Northern Ireland in recent years and the Irish News Workplace & Employment Awards represent a great opportunity to raise the profile and attract applications for the current jobs they are promoting.

For the 2017 awards this video was produced for use on social media announcing that CDE were finalists in no less than 5 categories at the awards.

These simple, short animations are well suited to social media with the whole video lasting only 23 seconds and with a direct call to action at the end.

St. Anne's Primary School - 60th Birthday Celebrations

In 2017 St. Anne's Primary School celebrated 60 years since the first students crossed the doors. As part of the celebrations a fund raising 60's themed celebration night was organised by the Parent's Association. To help promote the event on social media we created this video showing the children from the school forming the number 60 in the school playground.