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Video Marketing obviously dominates but a passion for marketing means a wide variety of topics are covered - from website development to social media, event marketing, content marketing and PR.


Film making is a sport

January 15th 2018

Check out this great video from Casey Neistat to get all the inspiration you need to kick start your own video marketing efforts

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Amplify the return on investment from your events

January 12th 2018

In this digital world trade shows and other customer events remain a very important marketing tool in many sectors. Video can help you to amplify the return on investment from your event by driving interest before the show and expanding the reach of your message post-show.

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My latest video project: CDE launch event video

December 11th 2017

I worked with CDE to create a number of videos to be used at an event launching their latest project allowing them to focus on 5 specific areas of expertise. This video was used as the opening sequence at the event.

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