In this marketing blog you'll find a range of topics - from examples of great video marketing to my own ramblings on all things marketing.

Video Marketing obviously dominates but a passion for marketing means a wide variety of topics are covered - from website development to social media, event marketing, content marketing and PR.


The Future of Data

March 13th 2018

In advance of The Future of Marketing: Part 1, we profile Fiona Rooney of Ipsos MORI who will be at the event to tell us how we can use custom consumer insights to inform new product development, new market entry and our key marketing messages.

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The Future of Customer Experience

March 5th 2018

In advance of The Future of Marketing: Part 1, we profile Paul James of Ardmore Advertising who will be speaking at the event on how you can use Facebook Messenger to expand your reach, increase engagement with your audience and steal a march on your competition.

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Now is the time for The Future of Marketing: Part 1

February 20th 2018

The Future of Marketing: Part 1 is a new event for marketing professionals who want to clear the fog, reduce the noise and find out how to navigate a path to success in the new world of opportunity that is in front of us all.

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Film making is a sport

January 15th 2018

Check out this great video from Casey Neistat to get all the inspiration you need to kick start your own video marketing efforts

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