Our Christmas Video Advent Calendar

December 1st 2020

Our Christmas Video Advent Calendar

For Christmas 2020. we are supporting Music for Dementia - and we've built an Advent Calendar featuring 24 jokes over 24 days.

Music for Dementia supports those living with dementia by ensuring access to music from the date of diagnosis.

Our Christmas. 2020 Advent Calendar features 24 jokes over 24 days and you can see the full set below.

You can join in with our fundraising efforts here


22nd December

21st December

20th December

19th December

18th December

17th December

16th December

15th December

14th December

13th December

12th December

11th December

10th December

9th December

8th December

7th December 

6th December

5th December

4th December 

3rd December

2nd December

1st December

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