The 4 day working week - our experience

August 11th 2021

We introduced a 4 day working week in June 2020 and we decided to make a video series to talk about how it has worked for us.

The series launched with this trailer video featuring 4 of our team members talking about their experience of moving to a 4 day working week.

We look at 4 different perspectives in the series:


  1. The Employer's Perspective
  2. The Employee's Perspective
  3. The Intern's Perspective
  4. The Recruitment Perspective


The trailer is to be followed by longer features where each of the perspectives gets a little more time. You can watch the full videos from each of the team members below once they go live on our YouTube channel.

If you're reading this before the go live date then simply click on the 'Get Reminder' link on the video and you'll be notified when it has been published.

Another way to make sure you stay up to date with all the new content on our channel is to subscribe to the channel and you'll see all of our latest projects as they are published.


Video #1:

The Employer's Perspective on a 4 day working week


The Employer's Perspective


Video #2:

The Employee's Perspective on a 4 day working week


The Employee's Perspective


Video #3:

The Intern's Perspective on a 4 day working week


The Intern's Perspective


Video #4:

The Recruitment Perspective on a 4 day working week


The Recruitment Perspective




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