10 ways you should be using video


What are they?

event videography and video productionEvent videography involves shooting footage at events that you are running with a view to producing promotional videos for a variety of uses.

While highlights videos from your event are pretty common there are a number of other video opportunities that can not only help post-event but can be a very useful tool pre-event and during your event.

Later in this article we'll show you some examples of videos that can be used to help promote your event but you can consider the following kinds of marketing videos for your events:

Speaker profiles - interview pieces with your speakers profiling the subject of their presentation and the key learning points for attendees. This gives you a good opportunity to sell more tickets or encourage more people to come along to your event. A busy events programme coupled with everyone's already busy schedule makes these videos a good way to demonstrate the value that attendees will get from attending your event.

Opening Video - a video to be played at the opening of your event. This sets the scene for the day and is a great way for you to outline what you expect from visitors in order to ensure they get the most benefit from attending. It can also provoke a positive emotional response from your audience - far in excess of what can be achieved from a few powerpoint slides - and ensure they are engaged and bought into the programme for the day right at the start of proceedings.

Session Videos - these can be used to introduce the different sessions that form part of your event and are a very useful way of setting the context for the session. What issue is being dealt with, what topics are being covered and what do you hope that the audience take away from each of the sessions?

Individual category videos - these are particularly popular at awards events and provide a much more dynamic, interesting and engaging way of presenting details of shortlisted companies and winners for specific awards.

Highlights videos - does exactly what it says on the tin. Highlights videos from your event allow you to promote further editions of the event by featuring interviews with both speakers and attendees at the event talking about their experience.


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When can you use them?


tim monroe the future of marketing belfastYou can shoot event videography at any event that you are running:

  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Networking Events
  • Customer Events
  • Recruitment Events
  • Factory Tours
  • Industry Get Togethers

There are several options open to you when considering event videography or the production of marketing videos from your event.

Shooting Footage for a post-event edit

You can shoot footage of the event and conduct interviews with your own representatives and attendees at the event. You can then use this footage after the event for the production of professional marketing videos that include your own representatives talking about how successful the event was as well as attendees at the event talking about their experience and the value they got from coming to talk to you at the event.

Live Streaming

You can live stream your event to your chosen social media channel or YouTube channel as a 'Live' video from the event. Live video works particularly well on social media channels when targeted correctly. If you choose to broadcast live on your YouTube channel you have the added advantage of the broadcast being recorded as it streams and remaining on your YouTube channel after the event. This allows you to maximise the marketing opportunity from the video by retargeting existing and potential customers after the event to show them what they missed.

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What are the benefits?


even videography benefits bluesky video marketing1 - Event videography and marketing videos from your events is a great way to amplify the effect of your event and allow you to generate interest and new sales enquiries from people who may not have made it along to the event.

2 - Pre-event videos (speaker profiles as an example) can help to build interest in your event and maximise attendance and ticket sales.

3 - The availability of video content to use in the promotion of your event ensures maximum visibility on social media and offers a route to significantly higher reach, engagement and return on investment from your pre-event promotional efforts.

4 - You can promote the marketing videos from your event to your existing prospecting database after the event as well as sharing on your website and across whatever social media channels that you use.

5 - They are also a very useful tool in your email marketing campaigns as interest in video content will help to drive curiousity clicks from your email campaign, helping you to drive traffic to your chosen website or landing page and maximising the opportunity to generate new sales leads from your event.

6 - The camera contributions you get from your prospects and customers at the event can also be used as video testimonials if re-edited into shorter formats after the event. You can then use these on your website and across your social channels to provide your prospects with proof that your customers see real benefits from buying your product or service. This additional marketing asset will help you to increase conversion rates and win more sales.


Event Video: Hints & Tips


event video hints and tipsIf you are considering event videography and / or the production of marketing videos from the events that you attend then here are a few hints and tips about how you can make sure that your video works best for you:


Ensure you get interviews with speakers and attendees as these tesimionials are a great way of adding credibility to the claims you are making about your product, service or event.


Slice & dice the interview contributions into smaller bite-size videos suitable for use on social media, your website and in sales presentations to add weight to the claims you are making about the impact that your product or service has for your customers. These shorter testimonial videos provide evergreeen marketing content that can be used again and again - as part of targerted social media advertising campaigns for example.


Do not publish these videos on any social media channel without subtitles - more than 80% of people who watch videos on social media to do with the sound off. Without subtitles, your video is the equivalent of spending a lot of time and effort putting a great presentation together and then braodcasting it to an empty room.


Set up re-targeting campaigns for visitors to the event website to maximise the opportunity to convert these visitors into attendees at your event. Use the testimonials video you've produced from your event as the media in these retargeting campaigns and also consider the use of YouTube advertising to target previous visitors to your website or broader target customer groups.


If going for the 'Live' video option consider using several shorter live segments rather than broadcasting your whole event - this will not only give you several video assets from the one event but will maximise the opportunity for your audience to consume the content. Very few people will watch a recorded stream from a full event - but they're much more likely to watch smaller chapters featuring individual presentations or keynote discussions.


If you're going to use 'Live' video then let people know well in advance of the event that you're going 'Live' and schedule notifications to your existing database to let them know when you will be going live. 


When using Live video give people the option to register in advance - as this then gives you the option of retargeting the people who didn't tune in when the event was live, maximising the chance of your live video generating a return on your investment.


If going live on social media channels make sure you have someone monitoring the live stream and answering any questions that are put to you in the comments section - it's important during a live event that these questions are answered promptly and by someone equipped to answer the question as when the audience sees that interactivity they are much more likely to get involved in the conversation increasing the reach and engagement of your post and maximising the opportunity for you to generate a return.


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Event Videos: Examples


event video examples bluesky video marketingHere are some examples of the videos that we've made for a variety of events. These have been used at various different stages of the event:

  1. Pre-event: Promotion
  2. At event: Content
  3. Post-event: Highlights


Speaker Profile Video

This video was completed in advance of The Future of Marketing: Part 1 in May 2018 and features Paul James of Ardmore Advertising and Chatmore 24/7 outlining the key themes and learning points from his presentation on how to use chatbot technology to maximise the opportunity presented by Facebook Messenger.

The video was used on social media in the run up to the event to promote ticket sales.




Opening Video

This video was created for the CIM Ireland Awards which took place at Titanic Belfast in November 2018.

The video introduces the various award categories and includes details of all the shortlisted companies. It was used on the night of the awards to mark the start of the awards ceremony.

The video was also used on social media after the event.




Session Videos

The Circular Driven Economy Symposium was an event in London in September 2018 for the construction and demolition waste recycling sector and included attendees from Ireland and the UK as well as across Europe, Middle East, India, South Africa and the USA.

The agenda for the day included a number of different sessions and this video was one of a package which was created to be played at the beginning of each sessions to set the context and introduce the themes to be discussed as part of the various speaker presentations and panel discussions.





Category Videos

At the CIM Ireland Awards in 2018 we created individual videos for each award category and these were used on the night in Titanic Belfast before the winners were revealed.





Highlights Videos

This video was one of two that was created after the Circular Driven Economy symposium in London in September 2018 and features interviews with attendees at the 2 day event talking about their experience and what they had gained from attending.

As well as being used on the event website and on social media in the immediate aftermath of the event the videos were also intended for use to promote future editions of the event in 2019 and beyond.





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